Mathematics is one of the oldest academic subjects and is one of the most mature and well developed disciplines of basic sciences. Mathematicians are making lasting contribution to the society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as medicine, management, economics, government organizations, computer sciences, physics, psychology, engineering and social sciences. The Department of Mathematics provides services to the other academic departments who need to upgrade the qualities and mathematical skills of their students. The aim of the Department is to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research and we are achieving our objectives with the help of our highly qualified and distinguished faculty.. Faculty members are active in attending international conferences and workshops in the various disciplines of Mathematics.
  • To make students familiar with the essential tools of Mathematics to help them apply the knowledge in their core field .
  • To be the fountain head of supplying new ideas to future innovators in the field of technology and pure science.
  • Accomplish a process to advance knowledge in a rigorous academic and research environment to help the learners achieve excellence.
  • Attract and build learners in a rewarding and inspiring academic environment by¬†fostering a platform to learn from various learning resources.
  • The Department of Mathematics started functioning in the year 1995
  • At the beginning the department handled the classes of complementary courses for the programmes BBA, BCA, B.Sc Electronics.
  • The department offers core courses from 1999, for B Com Computer Model I, from 2005, for B Com Taxation Model II(V), from 2011, for B Com Computer Model II, from 2013, B. A. Economics and M. A. Economics.

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